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Landscape photography is a challenge and a pleasure. 

Tromping through the wilds and looking for that perfect or evocative scene brings the beauty of nature into focus with greater clarity with each expedition.  I learn something about nature, composition, patience and myself with every new adventure.

Landscapes evoke feelings, and the feelings they evoke are a varied as the landscapes themselves.  The galleries below contain images of some of my favorite places.

The South Western United States is a stunning and varied land.  From the deserts of southern Arizona to the mountains of Colorado, the lands encompass many environments, each with it's own beauty.

The Pacific Northwest (Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska) offers some of the most stunning and subtle landscapes in the world.  This is a land of mountains, high deserts and spectacular coastlines.  

Iceland is a land of wonders.  Everywhere there are rainbows and waterfalls, icecaps, glaciers, mountains, black sand beaches, towering cliffs and winding rivers.  

Here we have scenes from Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, Montana and other areas not covered  but the Landscapes galleries.  

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