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The Thjórsá River's ever changing channels meander through a valley of volcanic detritus. It's source is the Hofsjökull glacier, in the very heart of Iceland, and it flows 143 miles to the Atlantic, making it Iceland's longest river. The once grassy Thjorsa River Valley was devastated by the massive eruption of Mt. Hekla in 1104, which covered half of Iceland in volcanic debris

The Thjórsá River

  • This signed and numbered photograph is printed with archival inks and currently available in two sizes, 10" x 15" and 12" x 18".


    The 10" x 15" print is is centered on 13" x 19" acid free fine art paper.


    The 12" x 18" print is centered on 17" x 22" acid free fine art paper.

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