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The Hovanes Gallery

Sharing the Beauty of Nature

The beauty and diversity of our planet is never ending.  From the fjords of Alaska, the waterfalls of Iceland, the desert dunes of New Mexico or the back yard garden, Nature offers her beauty to us all.  We simply need to open our eyes to see those wonders which surround us.  

I enjoy observing, photographing and sharing the beauty of our planet.  Many of my favorite images are presented in the set of galleries described below.


The Landscapes gallery is a collection of images taken during travels around out planet.

Nature Up Close is a collection of close up studies of flowers, insects and other details of nature we often walk past without a thought. 

The Impressions gallery is a photographic playground.

Scans of Nature contains a set of images created using a high resolution flatbed scanner to capture extreme details of nature.

The Serendipity gallery is a collection of fortuitous images.

These galleries will grow as I continue to develop this website.  Please enjoy...

A collection of landscape photos taken during trips to the Pacific Northwest, Iceland, Costa Rica, the American Southwest and other parts of United States.

I've always loved flowers, insects and closeup studies of nature.  This gallery is a collection of my favorite photos of flowers, bugs and such...  

The play of light across rippling water, an ethereal landscape or the feeling of falling into a dream...  These are impressions of nature.

These images were created using a high resolution flatbed scanner to capture the extreme details of nature directly from the subjects themselves.  

This gallery is a collection of fortuitous images captured at the spur of the moment, or with lady luck on the side of careful planning.

Contacting Peter Hovanes

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